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wichetty man

wichetty man, 2014
12.5″ x 13″
acrylic on board


partial scape

slowly building momentum in my ongoing quest for artistic $$$ power

partialSCAPEpartial scape
2014, Ink, watercolour acrylic and glitter on canvasboard
6″ x 8″
one of the rewards for a $20 pledge





studying the internal logics

pledge me, seymour
Internal Logic Study IV, 2014
Indian Ink and paint on paper

One of the rewards for a $10 pledge on my pledge me @ http://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/2185


sometimes painting serious stuff gets too serious and you need to do something else

(mixed media on wet-strength paper,  590mm x 410mm)

for sale $50 (NZ) get in touch if you’re interested….

we live in teh skyz now

midnight wanderer

king’s chamber

in the heart of the secret desert