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wichetty man

wichetty man, 2014
12.5″ x 13″
acrylic on board


partial scape

slowly building momentum in my ongoing quest for artistic $$$ power

partialSCAPEpartial scape
2014, Ink, watercolour acrylic and glitter on canvasboard
6″ x 8″
one of the rewards for a $20 pledge





studying the internal logics

pledge me, seymour
Internal Logic Study IV, 2014
Indian Ink and paint on paper

One of the rewards for a $10 pledge on my pledge me @ http://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/2185

announcing my pledge me project

I am just about ready to have my next exhibition, and I’m very excited about how the work is going, but I am struggling to make room in my budget for the expenses involved in finishing these paintings and staging this event.

which is hopefully where you come in.

once upon a time I would have had to seek out a wealthy billionaire to support my art-making-habit but now with the modern inter-web-netz your donation/investment can help me to make this happen and you to own some of my art for your very own toilet wall/fridge door.

the fantastic people at pledge me are helping me to crowd-fund my way to my next show and I appreciate anything you can give to help make it happen.

please click through to http://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/2185 to take a look and consider the many options.

here’s a sneak peak of one of the works that has been finished (this one is already [sold])

schematic diagram of the internal logic of this painting


my camera doesn’t do it justice, as these works need to be seen in the flesh.  and hopefully they can be soon.

I thank you for supporting my art-making…