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microcosmic intervention

photo by Laura www.lauraforest.com

Thanks for the photo, Laura Forest

this is up for auction for a limited time— Sold! to the man in the hat…



peak BS

let’s pray that peak oil is also the peak of cultural inanity, mass-hypnosis and corporate drudgery…

have lapsed in my blogeration recently, overloaded with my courseworkloadmeltdown, but I have been doing a few paintings.  While the wraps are still on those for the meantime, I thought I’d post up a few things from my sketchbook over the next few days…



! secret dimension 7

come to my exhibition!  woo!

retro spec tiv


corporate hypnosis

RR / DD :

… Return Reform Deform Delay Relay Refer Defer Deflect Reflect Refine Define Detain Retain Return Detourn Declaim Reclaim Resend Descend Delight Relight Retail Detail Detox…